Thai Cooking School Experience

I have been away from this blog for sometime. The time was spent mostly travelling and I have yet to master the art of being online while on the road. One of the interesting activity (to readers of this blog at the least) during this period was to take a professional cooking course in Thai Cooking. After much online research I found a place on the island of Ko Samui, Thailand cooking school called SITCA (Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts) is an incredible place run by Roongfa Sringam. She is a master chef and incredible cook. I took a 12-day intensive training course. The course started promptly every day at 10:30 am and lasted till roughly 3 pm. During that period we did hands-on cooking of roughly 5-6 dishes on average every day. As soon as the dish or two were cooked we would sit down and eat it. After some days, I realised that if I ate everything that was in front of me, I would put up 10 lbs or more, so I opted to mostly sample the prepared dishes. The experience was incredible. Roonfga gave personal attention, she cooked with you, also showed you techniques that are hard to put down in a book form. Also, explained rationale for why some ingredients are always used together, how to achieve balance in various spices used and so on. The only downside if you can call it that was that I now can not go to a Thai restaurant and eat without feeling that I can cook that dish better. While I was on the island, I spent few days in four seasons resort – a top-notch place with excellent service but I must admit that dinner – chef’s special nonetheless – I had there had been so not tasted pale if I had not cooked some of the dishes way better than those few days earlier. If you feel an urge to splurge – the cost of the school is high – I would urge you to spend at least 6 days a this school. I will be posting some random photographs of what I cooked at the course. I will refrain from posting many, many recipes that I learnt there  but may be occasionally I would do so that as well. Below are some photographs I took while in the course.


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