About Me

Hemant Kanakia

I have always been fond of food, drinks and living good life. Lately, it has turned in to an obsession about learning to prepare new recipes. Although I grew up in a strict vegetarian household – My parents are Gujarati and have never eaten meat, fish or even eggs, once I went to college, I developed a wide-ranging taste. For past few years, i have been going once a year for a week or two to a different city in the world and learn cooking from native cooks. So far, I have been to Fez (Morocco), Provence (France), Oaxaca (Mexico) and Florence (Italy). Certainly, there are many more such places one could visit and they are all on my bucket list. Now that I am retired from active-work life, I have a lot more time on hand to indulge in to this rather quixotic way of cooking-lesson combined vacations. My ideal will be to go to a new place every year for a month, rent a house, make some local friends and learn cooking from natives and throw parties for local and international friends visiting me.