Gotham Bar and Grill – New York


This was one of the restaurants we visited in our recent visit to New York City. It is situated in a more of residential neighbourhood of Greenwich Village area. The ambience is great and service is very attentive. I decided to splurge although knowing well that restaurants add a lot of markup on fine wine. The wine we ordered was Cos d’Estournel 99c3ae6a75a8aabd5c766be9d38369b42002. The wine was great and I and my companion both really liked the complex, aromatic and luxurious taste of the wine. Since I have been collecting wines from this winery since 1999, I did have some idea of what it would have cost if I brought it for my cellar. Just to be sure I also checked the current price of the bottle and discovered that markup was almost 300%. The wine that I can buy today from multiple shops is priced at 130 USD. This again reinforces my belief that one should never order a wine that is readily available outside at a fine restaurant. I also must confess that I do not understand the logic of establishment in jacking up the prices by this much mark-up. Nonetheless, the dinner was marvellous. Two dishes that each of us ordered were simply fabulous. For the first course, I ordered Red Shrimp Risotto, which was quite creamy and served just at the right temperature. Great Taste. My companion ordered Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho. Very different taste and what I would have expected from a gazpacho. Again, great taste.

For the second course, I ordered Miso Marinated Black Cod. The fish was absolutely marvellous. I have to now work towards making this dish. Seemed simple enough but the sauce tasted great and fish flecked just right.gotham-bar-grill She ordered Grilled Branzino, which was even better than mine. I think that was perhaps the best dish of all four we tasted. Compared to what we paid for wine, the rest of the dinner was only moderately expensive. I would recommend this restaurant highly. Alas, I do not have many pictures of dishes we ate. So, I will simply copy and paste the picture of the establishment taken off the net.9218474859_80f4f31086


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